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Instant Win Games at Prime Scratch Cards

Instant Win Games at Prime Scratch Cards

Prime Scratch Cards isn’t just about finding the very best and most exciting scratch card games online; there’s a whole section dedicated to instant win games too! With a selection of games from top developers such as NetEnt and Asaya include titles such as; Knights Battle, Keno Deluxe, and Lucky Machines. Best of all, Prime Scratch Cards is committed to fair play, so you always know when playing online instant win games that the odds are always even!

Instant Win Games at Prime Scratch Cards

Instant Win Games and Online Scratch Cards: What’s the Difference?

Instant win games and online scratch cards are often confused for one another but the fact of the matter is they’re two very different things which appeal to different types of players. The basis for online scratch cards is the traditional cards being purchased from shops up and down the country. While there may be a few small tweaks or additions such as fun multipliers on bonus rounds, the format is largely the same.

Instant win games, however, while taking a variety of different forms tend to focus on keeping gameplay simple and straightforward. They cut out any filler or complex mechanics, which allows players to drive straight into multiple quick rounds allowing for instant results, and most importantly; the chance for instant payouts. With instant win games, the wins truly are instant, as there is no drawn-out gameplay or extensive bonus rounds.

Best Instant Win Games at Prime Scratch Cards

Some of the most popular instant win games can be found on Prime Scratch Cards. In fact, there are a whole host of great titles! Though instant win games tend to keep the gameplay quick and to the point, it doesn’t mean that they can’t add fun and exciting themes and features into the mix, too, as the titles listed below prove!

How To Play Instant Win Games

While they may share a common genre, theme, or base mechanics, all instant win online games play differently. Overall, though, the aim of instant win games is to simplify the gameplay process down to a few simple clicks.

There are two ways in which an instant win game tends to lean. They may use a wheel spin mechanic such as Emoticollect which requires you to collect emoticons by spinning a wheel and filling up a win-meter. Conversely, an instant win game may choose to operate like Pixies of the Forest or Cleopatra Instant Win which require players to find matching numbers between their set and a winning set of 3-5 numbers.

While still keeping gameplay simple, some instant win games choose to add a few extra features to spice up gameplay. For example, Pixies of the Forest and Cleopatra both include bonus symbols that can appear to maximize wins or result in jackpots. Wheel of Fortune winning words does this by combining the traditional tile-matching mechanic of instant win games with the wheel-spinning mechanic of others to add a bonus round which can multiply winnings.

FAQs About Instant Win Online Games

  • What are the chances of winning instant win games?

    Instant win games tend to have a lower RTP (return to player) than online scratch cards and other online casino games, with an RTP of around 85%, though this number may vary slightly between titles. This means that the average player will receive 85% of the money that they have wagered back during gameplay.

  • How do I get my winnings?

    This all depends on the site that you are using to play. Most websites will immediately add your winnings from instant win titles to your account ready for withdrawal at your discretion. As always be sure to read the terms and conditions of withdrawing your instant win prizes before you play your first game.

  • How do instant win games work?

    Instant win games work by simplifying gameplay into a few quick clicks. This means players can find out if they are a winner instantly without having to wait for multiple rounds to resolve. Instant win games will usually either follow the format of number-matching or ‘spin the wheel’ games.

  • What are instant win game prizes?

    Instant win game prizes are usually either cash prizes or free cards. Unlike in video slots for example where the cash payout is affected by factors such as your wager amount or betting style, instant win game prizes tend to be fixed cash amounts.

  • How do I know if I’ve won an instant game?

    At the end of each instant win game, a screen will appear that will announce the end of the game and its outcome; including the amount that you have won.

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