A New Winner Down Under!

NEW WINNER Congratulations to Caleb S! $20,300  Win! Big congratulations to Caleb in Australia from everybody at Prime ScratchCards! Caleb recently won an amazing $20,300 when he hit a Massive Prime Jackpot. He had an unbelievable run of luck, because in the TWO WEEKS that he’d been playing at Prime ScratchCards he had TWO WINS! Caleb’s first win was a cool $550 that encouraged him … Continue reading A New Winner Down Under!

Around the World with Prime ScratchCards

  Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards! If you’re anything like us you probably hate Mondays too. The weekend’s finished and another week of work and routine has just started; and with January weather there’s not even the bonus of a nice sunny day to cheer you up. Fortunately you can take a break with Prime ScratchCards and travel the world with our great games that … Continue reading Around the World with Prime ScratchCards


  Play with the World Champions! If you’re football mad World Champions is the game for you. This superb scratch card has 9 seperate panels, each one concealing the face of a famous star football player. If you can match a line of 3 faces you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize or even a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!   Prime ScratchCards has some superb sports games and … Continue reading WORLD CHAMPIONS