Road Racing

Get into Gear with Road Racing! We’re continuing the fast car theme this weekend at Prime ScratchCards with Road Racing, a great scratch card game that already produced several Big Winners.  Road Racing is a fast and fun game that allows you to play up to 4 cards at once as you try and match up identical pairs of cars. There’s everything from beat up … Continue reading Road Racing

Take a Break – and Win a Million!

Take a Break – and Win a Million! Too many of us lead busy and stressed out lives, we’re juggling work and family and everything that comes with it. A lot of ‘leisure’ time is spent on shopping, housework and a million other chores; if you’ve got kids you can double the headaches and running around. Any night of the week at least a million … Continue reading Take a Break – and Win a Million!

It’s a Royal Weekend!

It’s a Royal Weekend at Prime ScratchCards! The big day is finally here and the Royal Wedding is about to take place in Westminster Abbey. We’re getting into the spirit of things and celebrating our very own Royal Weekend here at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got 3 great Royal Games for you to play this weekend and the 1st is the amazing Royal Wedding Royal Wedding … Continue reading It’s a Royal Weekend!

Fun Filled Weekend

Get Ready for a Fun Filled Weekend! At Prime ScratchCards If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been looking forward to the weekend all week.  It’s great to finish work on a Friday and know that you can sleep in and relax. Even if you have to work at the weekend, it always seems to be a bit easier, and time goes faster! This weekend’s … Continue reading Fun Filled Weekend

Hi Lo Fever

  Brand New Game Hi Lo Fever   The temperature is rising this  weekend with Hi Lo Fever, the superb new 3 machine numbers game at Prime ScratchCards, that lets you keep on betting, as you test your luck and judgement playing for a massive cash prize!   Hi Lo Fever is fast, fun and straight to the point. Click to place your bet then choose your machines. There will … Continue reading Hi Lo Fever

Need some Peace and Quiet?

   Need some Peace and Quiet? Most of our games at Prime ScratchCards are all about excitement, fast fun and fantasy. Favourites include; Road Racing, Monaco Glamour and Spy Comics.   But sometimes, after a hard week, all you want is a little peace and quiet and relaxation…and when that’s the case we’ve got the perfect game for you:   Gone Fishin’ is probably the … Continue reading Need some Peace and Quiet?