Have a Sporting Sunday

Have a Sporting Sunday at Prime ScratchCards! If you’re going to play on Prime ScratchCards today, why not make it a Sporting Sunday? We’ve got a whole section of great sports games – ranging from the active and athletic to the relaxing and rested – and you can guarantee that they’re all a lot of fun to play! We don’t offer our sports winners trophies … Continue reading Have a Sporting Sunday

Game of the Month

GAME OF THE MONTH Jungle Joy is the Game of the Month! We couldn’t think of a better game for a cold wet January than Jungle Joy. It’s fun, cheerful, colourful and features a host of cheeky cartoon characters who are just waiting for a chance to put a smile on your face! Jungle Joy is a classic scratch card game that will delight scratch … Continue reading Game of the Month

Get Ready for the Rain

Get Ready for the Rain! There’s heavy rain and possibly flooding predicted for parts of the UK tonight, if you’re in an area that’s due for a downpour, you probably won’t be going out tonight if you can help it.  If you are stuck at home because of the rain, it’s a great opportunity to take a break and check out some of the latest … Continue reading Get Ready for the Rain

Time for some Sport!

Time for some Sport! Watching Wimbledon this week has put us in the mood for some sport and the best all round sports game at Prime ScratchCards Has definitely got to be the classic 6 Reel Slots game Ready, Set, Go! This superb game is set against the backdrop of a massive floodlit sports stadium, where the top prize isn’t a gold medal, but a … Continue reading Time for some Sport!

Ready Set Go

    Ready Set Go Ready Set Go is one of the stars of the Prime ScratchCards sports section. If you’re sport mad – or even just an occasional fan – this is the game for you. When you enter the stadium with Ready Set Go you have a choice of 3 reel slots and can play up to 6 at once. Winning symbols include medals, … Continue reading Ready Set Go


    Hippodrome Horse racing is often referred to as the sport of kings and now you can be king for a day with Hippodrome the great horse racing game at Prime ScratchCards. Hippodrome is an exciting game that brings you all the thrills of the racetrack as the Prime thoroughbreds race for the finish line. Some of these horses are guaranteed to bring you Instant Cash Payouts or … Continue reading Hippodrome