Midsummer Madness at PrimeScratchCards!

Get Some Midsummer Madness At Prime ScratchCards! This weekend was the Summer Solstice which means that it’s officially midsummer and that Saturday was the longest day of the year! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, summer’s finally here and we’re ready for some hot summer action and midsummer madness here at Prime ScratchCards! When you play our great 3 reel slots game Summer Fun … Continue reading Midsummer Madness at PrimeScratchCards!

Summer’s On the Way!

Summer’s On the Way! In exactly one month it will officially be summertime and after the winter we just had, that’s a big relief! According to the calendars summer 2013 begins on the 21st June, when the sun is at it’s highest above us – traditionally celebrated as the summer solstice. We’re not betting on the weather just yet, but everybody here is hoping for … Continue reading Summer’s On the Way!

The Longest Day of the Year!

Tomorrow is Officially the Longest Day of the Year! Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice and officially the longest day of the year, Friday will be Midsummer’s Day.  Summer’s finally here – though with the recent weather you could be forgiven for doubting that! Fortunately the Sun’s Always Shining at Prime ScratchCards! We’re all geared up for summer and don’t care if it’s cold or wet. … Continue reading The Longest Day of the Year!