What’s Your Favourite Game?

What’s Your Favourite Game? We’ve got 100 games now at Prime ScratchCards and a lot of people are asking which game is the most popular. But the clever people are asking which game produces the most winners! That of course is a secret, but we’ll be dropping a few hints about some of the games that have made some lucky players very happy indeed…. You … Continue reading What’s Your Favourite Game?

Win a Year’s Subscription to Sky Sports!

The Amazing FA Cup Final Sweepstakes! We’re ready for the big day at Prime ScratchCards and to prove it we’ve launched another amazing free competition to celebrate the FA Cup Final. All you have to do is join the Facebook 5000 and you could win a year’s free subscription to Sky Sports! Facebook 5000 The Facebook 5000 is going to be a special group of … Continue reading Win a Year’s Subscription to Sky Sports!

Music Room

    Get into the Groove with Music Room! Music Room is a superb 3 reel slot game from Prime Scratchcards that plays like an old style juke box. Winning symbols include vinyl records, mics, saxophones and guitars and the PRIME JACKPOTS go all the way up to a massive £200,000 Music Room has a great paytable and by clicking BET ONE you can boost your … Continue reading Music Room

Sky of Love

                            Fly Through the Sky of Love with Prime ScratchCards!     You can win 200,000 with Prime ScratchCards most glamorous game! Sky of Love is the superb 3 reel slot game that takes you a mile high! Look out for Champagne, Pilots,  and Stewardesses – all winning symbols that could fly … Continue reading Sky of Love


    Namaste! Namaste is a common greeting in India and the name of this great Prime ScratchCards game. Set in front of the beautiful Taj Mahal this 3 reel slot game pays out a massive £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT as well as thousands of INSTANT CASH PAYOUTS! You can play up to 3 machines at once with Namaste and treble your chances of being a winner! … Continue reading Namaste

Sky of Love is Still Flying!

  You Can Still Fly with the Sky of Love!   Flights might be cancelled, airports closed and planes grounded right across Britain and Northern Europe, but Sky of Love is still flying  at Prime ScratchCards.  It takes more than a cloud of volcanic dust to slow down our favourite 3 reel slots game and cancel the Instant Cash Payouts and PRIME JACKPOTS.    You … Continue reading Sky of Love is Still Flying!