Scratchcards… As Wedding Favors?

We all know how much fun playing the scratchcards can be. Hey, some of us spend all day just thinking how to make them even more fun! Online scratch cards, actual lottery cards – you name it, we like it (and we’re not alone – this pastime just gets more and more popular!). That’s why we were happy to read how scratchcards are helping out … Continue reading Scratchcards… As Wedding Favors?

Boost your Luck!

Boost your Luck! And Win £100,000 with Prime ScratchCards! Some people say that you make your own luck in this life, but we believe in giving our players a helping hand – like £5 Free and a 100% Match Up Bonus to get started – and loads of big special bonuses for every special event. We’ve also got 4 great games at Prime ScratchCards that … Continue reading Boost your Luck!