One for the Film Buffs!

One for the Film Buffs! There have been some really great old noir thrillers on TV recently. Classic films like the The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart, Kiss Me Deadly and Murder My Sweet have been getting an airing. The old style detective films with hard boiled private eyes, dangerous blondes and twisted villains are easily a match for any modern film – and are … Continue reading One for the Film Buffs!

Mega Safe

    Crack the Mega Safe at Prime ScratchCards!     Hidden away at Prime ScratchCards is the Mega Safe; we’ve heard rumours that it might contain up to £200,000 in the shape of a PRIME JACKPOT! If it hasn’t got a massive PRIME JACKPOT inside there will probably be an Instant Cash Payout. One thing’s for sure – the Mega Safe is seldom empty.   … Continue reading Mega Safe

Spy Comics

    Play Spy Comics – The Noir Thriller Game at Prime ScratchCards   Spy Comics is a classic scratch card game that takes you deep into a dark world of spies, private detectives and dangerous blondes. Your mission is to stay one step ahead of the competition and win the £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT so that you can start a new life. Spy Comics has 9 … Continue reading Spy Comics