It’s Time to Relax!

Start 2013 Gently! Christmas can be a stressful time and New Year can be completely crazy – family, dinners, parties, presents and all the rest. It’s time to take a break, recharge your batteries and get 2013 off to a nice gentle start with one of our favourite games. For scratch card fans who need another holiday to recover from the first set of holidays; … Continue reading It’s Time to Relax!

Take a Break – and Win a Million!

Take a Break – and Win a Million! Too many of us lead busy and stressed out lives, we’re juggling work and family and everything that comes with it. A lot of ‘leisure’ time is spent on shopping, housework and a million other chores; if you’ve got kids you can double the headaches and running around. Any night of the week at least a million … Continue reading Take a Break – and Win a Million!

Need some Peace and Quiet?

   Need some Peace and Quiet? Most of our games at Prime ScratchCards are all about excitement, fast fun and fantasy. Favourites include; Road Racing, Monaco Glamour and Spy Comics.   But sometimes, after a hard week, all you want is a little peace and quiet and relaxation…and when that’s the case we’ve got the perfect game for you:   Gone Fishin’ is probably the … Continue reading Need some Peace and Quiet?