Adventure Jack

Brand New Game! Meet Adventure Jack! Adventure Jack is the new action hero from Prime ScratchCards who might be about to lead you to a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! Adventure Jack is Prime ScratchCards answer to Indiana Jones – and he goes straight for the hidden treasure! You can log in now and play this superb brand new game AND take advantage of Adventure Jack’s … Continue reading Adventure Jack

Around the World with Prime ScratchCards

  Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards! If you’re anything like us you probably hate Mondays too. The weekend’s finished and another week of work and routine has just started; and with January weather there’s not even the bonus of a nice sunny day to cheer you up. Fortunately you can take a break with Prime ScratchCards and travel the world with our great games that … Continue reading Around the World with Prime ScratchCards

Treasure Island

      Make Your Fortune on Treasure Island!   Deep in a jungle clearing on Treasure Island are some wooden chests. They may be crammed full of gold and jewels – or just a pile of sand.  If you can find 3 chests containing treasure you’ll get an Instant Cash Payout or even a PRIME JACKPOT. PRIME JACKPOTS range from a cool £5,000 to a … Continue reading Treasure Island

The Lost Maya

  Travel to the South American Jungle with Prime ScratchCards and you could come home with a £200,000 fortune!   The Lost Maya is a superb Prime ScratchCards game that challenges you to enter the ruined temple and find the hidden treasure. There are 3 stone doors and behind one of them is a pile of gold. If you find the treasure it will come … Continue reading The Lost Maya


  Meet Esmeralda the Prime Witch     Esmeralda is the Prime ScratchCards witch who can work all kinds of spells – usually ending in Instant Cash Payouts and PRIME JACKPOTS! Esmeralda is a really easy game to play: Click to choose your card price and click to choose how many pairs you want to bet on, then click PLAY. Your winnings will be displayed on … Continue reading Esmeralda