Cash in with Keno!

  We’ve got a fantastic numbers game for you this weekend at Prime ScratchCards: it’s a big favourite and has already paid out some serious cash prizes. Surprisingly though, nobody’s won the huge £100 000 Prime Jackpot yet on Keno. That means you could be the first! Keno is a superb betting game that allows you to choose up to 15 lucky numbers from a … Continue reading Cash in with Keno!

The Joys of July Continue!

The Joys of July Continue! We’re half way though July now and the Joys of July is continuing full on. There is another Brand New Game with a superb special promotion coming next week – but we can’t tell you any more about it just yet. You need to keep checking back here until the countdown begins! There’s been a great response to our 2 … Continue reading The Joys of July Continue!

Hi Lo Fever

  Brand New Game Hi Lo Fever   The temperature is rising this  weekend with Hi Lo Fever, the superb new 3 machine numbers game at Prime ScratchCards, that lets you keep on betting, as you test your luck and judgement playing for a massive cash prize!   Hi Lo Fever is fast, fun and straight to the point. Click to place your bet then choose your machines. There will … Continue reading Hi Lo Fever


  Make the Right Guess and Win £100,000! HiLo is a superb numbers game from Prime ScratchCards. Every time you play you’ll be given a number, all you have to do is guess if the following number will be higher or lower – get it right and you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize! To play HiLo you need a little bit of luck and some sound judgement. … Continue reading HiLo

Gone Fishin’

Relax with Gone Fishin’ The most chilled out game at Prime ScratchCards!     Gone Fishin’ is the perfect game to play when you feel like taking a break from it all, because it’s probably one of the most relaxing games at Prime ScratchCards – as relaxing that is, as a game with a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT can be…    There’s a lot of old … Continue reading Gone Fishin’