Diamonds – the Best Friend in this Scratchcard Game!

We are very pleased to introduce the game “Diamond Duet”, bringing in the sparkliest of gems to our Scratchcard games. “Diamond Duet” is a new scratch card game, available on web and mobile versions, that allows you to experience some of that glitz that proves the appeal of diamonds.   Playing this scratch card game is a breeze. Simply adjust the amount you want to … Continue reading Diamonds – the Best Friend in this Scratchcard Game!

Exclusive New VIP Game!

Exclusive to VIP Players Only: Win £300,000 Right Now! There’s a brand new diamonds game out at Prime ScratchCards today. It’s exclusively for our elite VIP Players and pays out an awesome £300,000 Prime Jackpot! VIP Black is the ultimate in scratch style and luxury gaming and it’s a special opportunity for our high rollers to win a seriously huge top prize. You get 20 … Continue reading Exclusive New VIP Game!

Take a Lucky Break this Week!

Take a Lucky Break this Week With Prime ScratchCards! Too many people miss out on the chance to take a break. The daily routine of work, travel, shopping, chores, raising a family – and yet more work – sometimes leaves us overwhelmed. We can get through a whole day without setting aside even a few minutes for ourselves. Fortunately, if you’ve got access to a … Continue reading Take a Lucky Break this Week!

Lucky Diamonds

  Lucky Diamonds Experience a touch of class with Lucky Diamonds one of Prime ScratchCards most stylish games. Diamonds are a girls best friend – but when they lead to PRIME JACKPOTS they’re everybody’s best friend – and they definitely last forever.. In Lucky Diamonds 5 jewellery boxes are laid out on a blue cloth – they all contain precious stones but to be a winner you have to match … Continue reading Lucky Diamonds

Lucky Diamonds

    Diamonds are Forever! And these Lucky Diamonds could be worth £200,000! To play Lucky Diamonds simply click to choose your card price then click PLAY. There are 5 jewelery boxes – if 3 of them contain identical diamonds you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen! There’s something about diamonds – perhaps it’s the romance, or the glitter – … Continue reading Lucky Diamonds