Music Room

    Get into the Groove with Music Room! Music Room is a superb 3 reel slot game from Prime Scratchcards that plays like an old style juke box. Winning symbols include vinyl records, mics, saxophones and guitars and the PRIME JACKPOTS go all the way up to a massive £200,000 Music Room has a great paytable and by clicking BET ONE you can boost your … Continue reading Music Room

Tropical Fruit

  Get a Taste of Paradise with Tropical Fruit! Tropical Fruit is a super fun 3 reel slots game at Prime ScratchCards that pays out an amazing £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT! 1 click of the mouse will take you straight to our tropical island where the sun always shines and the Instant Cash Payouts never stop coming. Click to choose your card price then click SPIN. Your winnings … Continue reading Tropical Fruit

Fair Play

      Fair Play     Visit the fair at Prime ScratchCards and you could win a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT! Fair Play is a fantastic 3 reel slots game that takes you straight to the fun and excitement of the fair ground. Winning symbols include dodgems, merry- go- round, hot dogs and all the fairground games.  The Circus Marquee is WILD and can double … Continue reading Fair Play

Circus Mania

  Circus Mania     Circus Mania is a classic 3 reel slot – with a difference. Instead of the traditional slot machine symbols you experience all the fun of the circus tent with clowns, trapeze artists and acrobats. Place your bet then spin the reels and match the symbols to win.  Play for our Instant Cash Payouts or walk the high wire for the … Continue reading Circus Mania