Game of the Month

GAME OF THE MONTH Jungle Joy is the Game of the Month! We couldn’t think of a better game for a cold wet January than Jungle Joy. It’s fun, cheerful, colourful and features a host of cheeky cartoon characters who are just waiting for a chance to put a smile on your face! Jungle Joy is a classic scratch card game that will delight scratch … Continue reading Game of the Month

Conga Beat

5 REEL SLOT Conga Beat We’re off to the heart of Africa for a game of Conga Beat, a superb 5 reel slots game that allows you to play an amazing 20 LINES at once! We’ve always had a globetrotter approach to our games at Prime ScratchCards and Conga Beat is the latest exotic game that promises at least one lucky player a massive £100,000 PRIME … Continue reading Conga Beat

Lucky Charms

Brand New Game Lucky Charms Lucky Charms is a great new scratch card set in the heart of the Emerald Isle, where the Prime Leprechaun is guarding a £100,000 pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Leprechauns are small fairy like figures in Irish folklore. Usually they appear as little men in green coats and have a reputation for mischief. The story goes … Continue reading Lucky Charms