Underwater Fun

Underwater Thrills! It’s time to head down to the sea bed with some great underwater games at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got plenty of beach and holiday games, and all kinds of scratch and slots set in exotic locations around the world, but Atlantis and Ocean Pearls take you all the way down to the bottom of the sea. It’s all about sunken treasure, pearls and … Continue reading Underwater Fun

Slots Pyramid

  Play Slots Pyramid  The Amazing Ancient Egyptian Cash Game!   Slots Pyramid is a superb casino style slots game that takes you all the way back to Ancient Egypt and the treasures of the Pharaohs! Every time you play you’ll have 3 chances to match the winning symbols and win an Instant Cash Prize or even a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! The ancient Egyptian … Continue reading Slots Pyramid


  Atlantis     Travel beneath the waves and visit the legendary sunken city of Atlantis where there is a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT waiting to be found.   Atlantis is another top quality 5 reel slot with from Prime ScratchCards with 9 lines and a MAX BET option. This is a really fun and colourful game that you can easily play all day.    Winning symbols … Continue reading Atlantis