There are still 2 tickets to Los Angeles…

Some games just keep on getting more and more popular and the Bold and the Beautiful is one of them. Since we launched the amazing B&B scratch card in March it’s become one of the most popular games at Prime ScratchCards. Not only is it a superb scratch card in it’s own right, but it’s also one of the most glamorous games on the internet. … Continue reading There are still 2 tickets to Los Angeles…

How about a Hand of Poker?

How about a Hand of Poker? If you’re stuck at home because of the cold weather, why not pass the time with a few hands of Poker? It’s possibly the perfect card game and with Prime ScratchCards you don’t need partners; we’ve got some superb versions of Poker that you can play alone or against the dealer. Poker’s a fascinating game, mainly because it involves … Continue reading How about a Hand of Poker?

Play to Win with Keno!

BRAND NEW GAME We’ve got a Brand New numbers game, ready for you this weekend at Prime ScratchCards and we can already tell that it’s a going to be a real favourite! Keno is a superb betting game that allows you to choose up to 15 lucky numbers from a board of 80 balls. As soon as you click GO the machine starts generating more … Continue reading Play to Win with Keno!

4th July!

Happy 4th July! The 4th July – or Independence Day – is America’s National Day. We hope that all out fans who have a connection to the United States will have a really great day! Today is a holiday across America and millions of people will be barbecuing, partying and attending parades and family events. America is famous for a lot of things and there … Continue reading 4th July!

Around the World with Prime ScratchCards

  Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards! If you’re anything like us you probably hate Mondays too. The weekend’s finished and another week of work and routine has just started; and with January weather there’s not even the bonus of a nice sunny day to cheer you up. Fortunately you can take a break with Prime ScratchCards and travel the world with our great games that … Continue reading Around the World with Prime ScratchCards

It’s Black Friday!

  It’s Black Friday – The 1st Day of the Christmas Shopping Season!   Black Friday is an American Tradition that has spread across the Atlantic and is already well known to the thousands of British shoppers who fly to America every year to snap up bargains in the Christmas sales. All the big stores see a rush of eager people surging through the doors … Continue reading It’s Black Friday!