Around the World with Prime ScratchCards 5

  Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!  The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues! The latest leg of the Prime ScratchCards World Tour takes us to the heart of the Arabian Desert at night to meet: The Prime Genie is trapped in a lamp, hidden away in a desert cave amongst a pile of treasure. He won’t grant you 3 wishes like the Genies in the old … Continue reading Around the World with Prime ScratchCards 5


      Meet the Genie   Genie is a superb scratch card game where you play the role of Aladdin and try your luck with the magic lamp. Step into the Genie  cave and you’ll find a huge pile of treasure, including 4 magic lamps. 1 lamp contains a cash prize and the other 3 are home to the Genie . If you can guess which … Continue reading Genie