Play Knights Battle

Knights Battle is the brand new  Instant Win game available at Prime ScratchCards.  Knights Battle takes you back to medieval times as you fight against Knights, Archers and Men at Arms to win cash prizes and princely PRIME JACKPOTS of up to £200,000.  Knights Battle is based on the traditional card game War, where players have to beat each other by turning over a higher card, … Continue reading Play Knights Battle

Escape to a Tropical Paradise

With the bitter Arctic weather set to continue through January, and the weathermen predicting the coldest winter for 100 years, what could be better than escaping to a tropical paradise whenever you want?  It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or at work, or even at a friend’s house; all you have to do is log onto Prime ScratchCards and you can have fun in the sun … Continue reading Escape to a Tropical Paradise


There’s a lot of speculation about the location of the legendary sunken city of Atlantis; some people think it was an island in the Mediterranean, others that it was a lost continent in the Atlantic Ocean.  Theories for its destruction range from the scientific to the supernatural, claiming everything from volcanic eruption or earthquake to war and Divine punishment.  Many people have searched in vain over the … Continue reading Atlantis

Prime ScratchCards World Tour 2010

Did You Know? Depending who you ask; there are almost 200 independent countries in the world.  At any given time the chances are that people in 115 of those countries are playing Prime ScratchCards!  That means that we have a presence in nearly 60% of the world’s nations (and practice players in every country) making us a truly global gaming site. As more and more people … Continue reading Prime ScratchCards World Tour 2010

Calling All Sports Fans!

If you love sport you’ll love our sports games at Prime ScratchCards.  You can choose between 7 superb games that offer PRIME JACKPOTS of up to £200,000.  The Sports Scratch section has something for everyone, with a choice of Bowling, Darts, Hippodrome, 100 M Champion, Gone Fishing, Splash Cash and World Cup.  All the games are designed using the latest Flash technology and are guaranteed … Continue reading Calling All Sports Fans!


  3Wow! is the Prime ScratchCards Gold Card Game that offers a massive £1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT.  Simply place your bet and pick a card – then scratch the panels to reveal your winnings.  Or hit AUTOPLAY for a fast moving thrill.  3Wow! is a simple beautifully designed game that is a real pleasure to play and packs a million pound punch.  The Jackpot is waiting … Continue reading 3WOW!

10,000,000 Scratch Cards

Did you know that in October 2009 we sold over 10,000,000 scratch cards, and that over 3,300,000 of them were winners?  With current odds 1 out of every 3 Prime scratch cards is guaranteed to give you an instant cash payout!  We think that’s a pretty good deal.  Check out another winner, Onessa Jordan:

Meet Some of Our Winners

Ever wondered what kind of people become winners at Prime ScratchCards? The simplest answer is people like you!  Most of our winners are ordinary people who play Prime ScratchCards for fun and relaxation and suddenly hit a PRIME JACKPOT.  A lot of them started playing when they took up one of our 5 Free special offers and had little or no previous experience of online gaming.  Even … Continue reading Meet Some of Our Winners