A Mobile Summer – Scratch Cards Everywhere Unite!

There’s excitement in the air. The air is hot and humid. It must be summer! Who doesn’t love summer? Okay, yes, I do know this one girl I grew up with that really didn’t like summer, but c’mon – this is one girl out of everyone I’ve ever known. The sole purpose of summer is spending time outside. It makes me feel alive, and happy. … Continue reading A Mobile Summer – Scratch Cards Everywhere Unite!

Announcing: World ScratchCard Day – 5th of May

Days have become very popular in recent years. Yup, every page you turn in the calendar you see more and more days. On the 23rd of May – as you must already know – World Turtle Day is celebrated. The 20th of June is of course World Juggling Day. July would be a waste of a month without World UFO Day on the 2nd. And … Continue reading Announcing: World ScratchCard Day – 5th of May

The Story Behind the Scratch Card’s Lucky 7

If you’re an avid follower of our slots and scratch cards game, there’s no doubt you have a special spot for the number 7. After all, getting three 7s in a row is one of the best ways to make your day. Or week. Or Year. Which is why you can find 7 in so many of Prime Scratch Card games – Slot 777, Go … Continue reading The Story Behind the Scratch Card’s Lucky 7

Celebrate Saint George’s Day

Celebrate Saint George’s Day at Prime ScratchCards   Friday is Saint George’s Day, which means that loads of pubs in England will be displaying the flag of Saint George, and a lot of people will be partying. But St George’s Day is not just an English event and will also be celebrated across Europe and parts of the Middle East. The traditional story of Saint George … Continue reading Celebrate Saint George’s Day

Two Lucky Games

  Winning Streak Games!      We don’t know why; but sometimes certain games produce a lot of winners in a short time, DANCING DOMINOS and ROYAL SLOTS are two of them.  Between them we’ve had 5 big winners in the last 24 hours, with BIG cash payouts of almost €30,000     Perhaps it’s just random chance – or perhaps there are simply a lot of people … Continue reading Two Lucky Games

Prime ScratchCards World Tour 2010

Did You Know? Depending who you ask; there are almost 200 independent countries in the world.  At any given time the chances are that people in 115 of those countries are playing Prime ScratchCards!  That means that we have a presence in nearly 60% of the world’s nations (and practice players in every country) making us a truly global gaming site. As more and more people … Continue reading Prime ScratchCards World Tour 2010

10,000,000 Scratch Cards

Did you know that in October 2009 we sold over 10,000,000 scratch cards, and that over 3,300,000 of them were winners?  With current odds 1 out of every 3 Prime scratch cards is guaranteed to give you an instant cash payout!  We think that’s a pretty good deal.  Check out another winner, Onessa Jordan: