The Online and Offline Worlds

The online world is getting more and more like a virtual mirror of the real world; the real world is the things and stuff around your computer screen… The last decade has seen a duplication of so many concepts and elements from form to digital.

Remember when books were exclusively made of paper printed with ink? Before they were turned to screens with e-ink? And don’t get me started with music. It’s funny now to think how we all were excited (we = people who were born in the previous century) when Compact Discs came out. Wow, we thought, the digital revolution is upon us; little did we know. Before we even managed to amass a decent music collection of CD’s they started disappearing right before our eyes, vaporising into a digital files.


Now don’t get me wrong – I love my iPod. When I got my first, I was truly excited. My music collection exploded in few short months to a size I’ve never imagined possible. And I was walking around with my entire collection in my pocket! I couldn’t believe it. I know it sounds goofy to go ga-ga about it now, with the cloud and all, but hey, it was 2002.


Your Great-Grandfather Didn’t Scratch Cards

Anyway, with the hope that the real world won’t disappear entirely, I have to admit that I do love the online world. It’s convenient; it’s right here and there, basically everywhere. It saves us time, and in many instances, money. In 1998 I took a really expensive cross Atlantic flight to Las Vegas because I really wanted to play American slot machines. And blackjack. And some roulette, alright. Now I can easily play numerous kinds of slot machines online, for so much less, with much higher chances of winning; if you’re asking so yes, I did lose some money in Vegas, not a lot though. I was young and poor, didn’t have much to spend. And everything you’ve heard about the buffets in Vegas is true!

I’m getting sidetracked here. What I actually wanted to talk about is real and online scratch cards. Scratch cards also started their way in the real world, surprisingly late by the way. They look like a really old trick no? Something your great-grandfather father scratched with watermelon seed while harvesting his fields or something like that? Nope. Scratch cards were invented in the US in 1974 and it took twenty whole years until they arrived in the UK. Weird no?


The Connection Between Kate Middleton and Online Scratch Cards


Anyway, even their name indicates what their prime objective is – to scratch. Scratching sounds immediately real, a physical action carried out with a fingernail, coin, key. Online scratch cards preserved the scratching side easily with the help of the mouse, or track pad or whatever comes next; virtual fairy dust? The whole experience was kept pretty much the same in the transformation online.

diamond duet

More than all, scratch cards, online and off, remained a very affordable way to enjoy a little gambling without risking too much money, but with the potential to pocket a really big win. Even huge. Last year, Grace Walker, a housewife from Hamilton UK won £1million with a £5 scratch card. That’s pretty cool. In our own site, wins might be somewhat smaller, but they happen much more often than their offline equivalents. Just take a look at the PrimeScratch home page and see and never-ending roll of winners updated in real time.


Where online scratch cards triumph over paper ones is in ease and convenience of use, which can be said about pretty much anything else that lives and thrives online – want to read a magazine, it is online; want to listen the new Mark Ronson’s album, it’s online; want to buy that blue overcoat Kate Middleton wore last week, well, that one probably already sold out, but it was available online. Yup, as far as convenience goes, the real world is losing big time to the online one.


I Still Leave my Apartment Sometimes

I think that the bottom line is, it’s pretty cool to have both worlds. As you can imagine, I spend a great deal of time online. I get to try all our new scratch card games before they hit the website. But even me, once in a while, I enjoy buying a real scratch card, for the fun of it. As I’ve already mentioned, I listen to most of my music on my iPod (I have a Touch one now) or on my computer, but I still buy CD’s, because they make me feel nostalgic.

The only thing I worry about is, seriously it keeps me up at nights, if someone invented online beer. Then I’m afraid, I would never leave my apartment.


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