Changing Your Life By Staying Dreamsistent: 3 Winning Stories of Consistency and Success

The great appeal of scratch cards is the chance of an instant win — the small opportunity for your whole life to change with a scratch on a card. People who have experienced this kind of major change in such a tiny amount of time  say it was like their whole life led to that one moment.t was bound to happen.

That feeling of destiny, of working towards a singular moment, is what drives people feeling dreamsistency. Dreamsistency is the courage to pursue dreams, to be relentless and fearless, even when the outcome isn’t guaranteed. It’s defining a goal, or a dream, and chasing it with passion and effort.

If It Runs Like a Bolt and Wins Like a Bolt, It Must Be Usain

The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics led Usain Bolt to instant global recognition and fame when he clocked in an unbelievable 9.69 seconds in the 100m finals..In under ten seconds, a 21-year-old Jamaican man became a household name and athletic sensation.

Though he was very young at the time, with little name recognition outside of the sprinting community, Bolt arrived in Beijing an established athlete.  Though this was by no means his first major competition, it is inarguably what launched him to stardom; his record-breaking 200m run didn’t have the same impact, it was the instant that the clock stopped on 9.69 that forever changed Bolt’s life.

In the 2012 London Olympics Bolt went on to again break his two records in 100m and 200m, becoming the first athlete in history to defend both titles over two Olympics — and even that didn’t top the moment of all moments in 2008 when Bolt became an instant global sensation.

Dream Big, Win Even Bigger

dreamsistency 2

This is the story of a lovely woman from Blackburn, Scotland. A completely anonymous amateur singer took the stage at Britain Got Talent in April 2009 and sang the somewhat cliched song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. Before she started singing, she was just a chubby, middle-aged, poorly-dressed woman with fleeting hopes; however, as soon as she began to sing, the audience turned from nonbelievers to worshippers. Anyone who could hear her sing was a believer in the Church of Susan Boyle.

Everyone was shocked. Within days, the YouTube video of her performance had gotten tens of millions of views. Her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, instantly became UK’s best-selling debut album of all times. Susan Boyle become a household name all over the UK instantly, and a beloved singer worldwide.

Boyle’s story is a real-life Cinderella story. Like most singers, she’s been taking singing and voice lessons for many years; she had auditioned for various productions, and even paid out of her own pocket for a professional recording of her singing to send to music labels and agents, but could not find success. This one shot, her lucky break, brought Boyle to instant stardom after many, many years of work.

Susan Boyle never gave up, and says she drew courage from her mother to apply to Britain’s Got Talent. Like in Bolt’s case, long years of practice, of determination, of dreaming big, became an instant reality.

With Less Than a Second Remaining, A Three-Pointer Leads To Instant Linsanity

Another famous case of hard, persistent work manifesting itself in a brief moment took place on the courts of the NBA. Jeremy Lin is the most unlikely candidate to make it big in this highly competitive environment: He is quite short for a professional basketball, only 1.91m, has a slight built, and is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in economics — aka, not your typical description of an NBA player.

dream 3

Jeremy Lin played and practiced against all odds. He was picked up by the New York Knicks for a short-term engagement and got almost no playing time, spending most games on the bench. Still, teammates say he was always the first one to arrive at practice and the last one to leave, working as hard as he could on improving his weak points.

It is rare in the NBA that players who aren’t recognized from the first draft ever get the chance to prove their worth. Lin was basically destined to complete the season on the bench of the Knicks and then be transferred to a lower-ranking league, as is standard with players of his caliber.

All that Lin needed was one chance to prove himself, and that chance arrived when two of his teammates were suffering from an injury and the coach, Mike D’Antoni, decided to give Lin a chance to play –“out of desperation,” he said. Over that game, Lin led his team on a fantastic winning streak, scoring an average of 27 points a game, as well as achieving high rebound and assist numbers.

In a succession of winning games, Lin proved to be an incredible player, but it was one specific three-pointer that he scored with less than a second remaining on the clock, the three points that brought the win to the Knicks, that turned Lin instantly to a national sensation in the US. His shot to stardom was so quick and vast that the media coverage phenomena was coined as “Linsanity”.

* * *

Life can change in a second, but that doesn’t discount years o. It happened to Bolt, to Boyle, to Lin and to countless others. It happens every day with Scratch Cards and Instant Win games all over the country, and beyond. To some it happens after long years, to others it happens with their first bought card ever but it happens, instantly, over and over again.

Next time you scratch a card, with a key, a coin or the computer-mouse, savor these few seconds before the numbers are revealed. Because every time you scratch a card you are facing with the possibility of instantly altering your life.

Which takes us back to the title – Dreamsistency. Our three heroes of the day were dreamers on the one hand, never letting go of their dream to succeed, and extremely persistent in their efforts, never stopping until the dream was turned to reality.

We’re certain if you were to ask Usain Bolt, Susan Boyle, or Jeremy Lin what they thought about scratch cards, they’d tell you, Just keep scratching. Your win is coming soon.

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