Forget About Deposit, Let’s Talk Bonus

There aren’t many instances in life when you get the chance to just give it a try. As things usually go, some give-and-take is required to put the wheels in motion. Almost everything these days is some sort of a deal, a back and forth between two entities who both want something from each other.

Not here, not now.

Prime Scratch Cards believes in giving a chance, believes in giving it a try. That’s why we always keep the option of playing instant win games open without the need to commit, a.k.a. opening an account by putting in your credit card info.


Testing The Waters

We understand that people want to get a feel, get a sense of what the story is before “sealing the deal”. We are the same way. When we go to a restaurant for the first time, we’re not going to order the entire menu right off the bat. We’ll order a couple of dishes, give them a taste, and only then decide if we want to order more.

Of course we got a recommendation for that restaurant, but still, tastes differ, and what is “amazingly delicious” for one, can be mediocre for another.

The same can be said for purchasing stuff online. Your first purchase from a new site would probably be a modest one, to see if what is promised on the site stands up to what arrived on your doorstep. The initial purchase is an exciting one (like hearing an amazing album for the first time), and we always hope that it won’t be a letdown eventually.

First Play, Then Commit

We, at Prime Scratch Cards, are extremely confident in our offerings. We know that once you try our scratch card and instant win games, you will want more. And why not? We offer a wide variety of awesome games on a super easy-to-use platform with high chances of winning money. Who would not like that?

That’s why we offer a No Deposit Bonus to new players. We let you play, without the need to deposit anything or even punch in your credit card info. So you’ll get a feel of our offering, so you would feel comfortable to move forward.

You must be asking yourself, play with what? I haven’t deposited any money. You are right in asking yourself that, and here comes the answer you’ve been hoping for: we give you money to play.

The Secret Is In The Bonus

Yup, we give you money. We know, we know – it’s supposed to be the other way around, right? You should be playing with your own money, not with ours. Well, we love being the good host, and good hosts make their guests feel comfortable by being generous and courteous.

It might not be the most common attitude on the web – a commercial company playing the good host – but we don’t see ourselves as common. And as we said before, we are so confident in our offering that we are happy to give a No Deposit Bonus to each and every of our new players.

No Deposit What?

Indeed – you are asking the right questions. So this is how it works: you simply fill out your name and immediately get 20 FREE CARDS to play with, cards with real money value. Whatever cash you win during those 20 games is yours. You can play more games with the money you have won, or you can use it to tryout that new restaurant you wanted to go for while; we recommend the truffle risotto – it’s yummy!

It is as simple as it sounds – fill out your name, get your No Deposit Bonus. We believe in simplicity; why complicate things?

It doesn’t end there though. On top of those 20 free cards, you also get 100% match up bonus on your first deposit. We make it so simple to win money online, we even sometimes think – what is wrong with us?

Nothing is wrong with us. On the contrary, there is plenty that is very right with us.


The Rewards Just Keep On Coming

These generous welcome bonuses are just the beginning. Once you register to Prime Scratch Cards you can start enjoying the full benefits that are available to all our players.

We call them Rewards – the benefits, not the players. For every coin spent on the site you get a reward. It varies from one game to the other but the important thing to remember is, not only you play, enjoy and win money, you also accumulating Reward Points that hold numerous benefits. You can read all about our Reward Points here.

One last thing. We also have a VIP Program. If you stay with us and keep on playing, and winning, we appreciate your business and we show our gratitude though our VIP Program that allows veteran players to enjoy the full benefits, and then some, of a two-sided relationship. That’s just how we roll.

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