Everyone Loves Free Stuff and Bonuses, Players and House Alike

Everybody likes getting free stuff. Since everything basically costs money, it makes one feel on the good side of things to receive without needing to pay. It is a win-win situation: the receiving side is pleased for getting something free, and the giving side is being appreciated for this act of kindness.

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Why though, we like so much and enjoy that much getting free stuff? Beyond the obvious of “it costs money and I got it for free”? It might be a play of expectations vs. outcome. It goes something like this: when we get something for free our expectations are low. We have learned from experience to be suspicious of freebies. We are immediately on the defensive – why it’s free? What’s wrong with it? A classic case of conditioning; Pavlov’s dogs are drooling in their graves.


When Expectations Are Low, Rewards Are High

So when we get something for free, and it’s ‘not horrible’, we are ecstatic. It works in other avenues of life as well. Assuming you have a favorite team – soccer, basketball, ice hockey – whichever – and you go to see a match. If you expect your team to win, because the other team sucks, or because your team is on an unstoppable winning streak, you’ll be happy when your team actually wins, but you won’t be jumping out of your skin.

Now, if you go into the stadium pretty sure that your team is going to tank (because the star player is injured, or because your team just can’t do anything right this season) and they win, boy oh boy, you are going to flip – in the best way possible.

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The math here is pretty simple, right

High Expectations + Bad Outcome = Disappointment

Low Expectations + Good Outcome = Pleasure


Free At First, But What’s Next?

How do we proceed then? The freebie is usually a first stage in a ‘relationship’ between a customer and a service provider / product manufacturer / seller (unless you meet a very generous and wealthy man, or woman, who bestows their wealth upon you.) If the outcome of this free interaction is good and you are pleased, both sides are, in a way, have set up the stage to ‘take it to the next level’.

This is actually the tricky part, moving on. From the giving side it’s pretty straightforward – I gave you a taste, for free, and you liked it. The freebie fulfilled its role – introduction. Time to shake hands and deepen the relationship. What about the receiving side though? Is it worthwhile to continue? For some, it is more appealing to continue skipping around collecting freebies. But there are also the perks and pleasures that come with familiarity, with deepening a relationship, with being loyal, for both sides involved.

This One Is On The House

If you are a regular in your local pub or restaurant, this sentence is familiar to you. Once in a while, the bartender or one of the servers will approach you with a big smile, lay it down on the table and utter the sentence we all love to hear: this one is on the house.

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It is one of the most loved sentences all around the world. There is one guy from our accounting department that knows how to say this sentence in 76 different languages. Nah, just kidding. But seriously, beyond the free factor that this sentence comes with, it communicates something much deeper and much more valuable.

It comes to show that you are known, and recognized, and appreciated. Regular customers get stuff on-the-house, for their loyalty and for the business. It also comes to show that a relationship has formed between the giver and the receiver and deep down inside, that’s what we are all aspire to; to be recognized and appreciated and yes, liked.


Special Bonus Not For The House

For us in the gaming industry, and especially we at Prime Scratch Cards, the on-the-house sentence holds a special importance. We operate according to what this sentence represents. Same as in land casinos repeating guests are treated to special perks like free drinks and nice shows, on our web-based gaming platform loyal customers are treated to special Bonuses and Rewards; we even have a VIP club.


The thing that separates us from land casinos is represented by another sentence that is whispered in every casino around the planet – the house always win. We appreciate the contradictory nature of these two sentences: one talks about loyalty and fondness and gives a sense of belonging and care, while the other talks about a one-sided, often random and temporary interaction. Interesting that both sentences revolve around the word House. And don’t even get us started with Dr. House…


We try to let our players enjoy both worlds, the freebie one and the where-everybody-knows-your-name one. First-time players get Free Scratch Cards (upon deposit) right off the bat; just register, deposit and start scratching away (T&Cs apply). By the way, we give the same courtesy, free spins without even a deposit, to our players in Prime Slots as well. Once you smoothly slide into the Prime waters, decides that this is the place for you, we treat our players with to all sorts. And that’s a promise.

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