Announcing: World ScratchCard Day – 5th of May

Days have become very popular in recent years. Yup, every page you turn in the calendar you see more and more days. On the 23rd of May – as you must already know – World Turtle Day is celebrated. The 20th of June is of course World Juggling Day. July would be a waste of a month without World UFO Day on the 2nd. And everybody’s favorite day of October, the 9th, World Egg Day.


Days in general, and World Days in particular, are wonderful units of time. Just the right amount of hours (hours – also great time units!) – not too many, not too little, get some sunlight, get some darkness. How can you not love days? Now with World Days, don’t even get us started. Killer concept, awesome idea, the whole world joins as one to celebrate and enjoy the small wonders all around us.


So here we go – World ScratchCards Day! Yes. Scratchers of the world unite! One day a year to celebrate one of the greatest pastime activities out there, and a chance to win some cash.


To kick it off we thought of combining some of the thing we love. We all love scratching, online and sometimes also in the ‘real world’. Another thing we love is laughing. Oh, and watching stuff on screens too. So what would be the best possible way to combine these three things we love? Wait for it… funny scratchy video thingies!


So we’ve spent a considerable amount of time on YouTube, watching loads and loads of scratch cards-related videos. It wasn’t easy at times. We had to go through many, many, how should we put it delicately, unfunny videos. At times we saw things we wished we hadn’t. Some of us might be scarred for life, others would spend long and expensive hours on the shrink’s sofa to to overcome their PSYTD (Post-Traumatic YouTube Disorder).


To be honest, we couldn’t find enough really, really funny scratch cards videos. Surprising as it may sound. So we decided to broaden our reach – not just ‘scratch cards’, but also ‘cards’ and even ‘scratch’. Then we got it.


We supported each other through the hardships and we have prevailed! So let’s get to them.



First Off, Scratch Cards

We managed to dig two awesome vids, one a super-clever TV commercial from an island called New Zealand, and second, the ever-so-popular ‘prank win’.


We don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say you all going to cringe at the end of it and think to yourself, ‘I wish I would have done it. That would have been so cool!”

As weird as it sounds on paper, it is hilarious to watch people who think they just won a huge chunk of money. This one is our favourite.




Animal Scratching

Not yet a proper and recognised sport, but we are a big believers of its potential to catch on. Who knows, with enough support it might reach the 2016 Rio Olympics.


As the undisputed kings of YouTube we have to give it to cats – they absolutely ‘get it’, they are masters in crafting hilarious vids.



Not always the natural choice for upbeat vids, this turtle really caught us off guard with a surprising sense of rhythm and quite the twearking abilities.


Continuing with a more mellow form of animal scratching, we have a pig that gives a new meaning to head scratching.



For the last one in this section we are proud to introduce a dog that’s taking scratching to a whole new level.


And The Red Card Goes To…

Moving on to the greatest sport of all, getting a red card in a football game can be dramatic. Tensions run high, players and referees clash but, as we were surprised to find out, there are some super funny moments can be found there as well.




We hope you enjoyed these. If you have, and you think you can find more hilarious vids to add to this fine medley, visit our Facebook page and show us what you got!


We are inviting everyone to post more Scratch Cards, or Scratch, or Cards vids on our page and whoever posts the funniest one will Win 20 Free Online Scratch Cards courtesy of Prime ScratchCards!


See you on our Facebook Page and happy ScratchCards Day everyone!


Contest Rules and Guidelines:

1. Videos should be posted on the Prime ScratchCards Facebook Page, as a Comment to the relevant Post. (Please embed the video, don’t post it as a link, so others can watch it easily.)

2. Videos must be related to either “Scratch Cards”, “Scratch” or “Cards” topics.

3. The winner will be determined by the Prime ScratchCards team according to how funny members find each video.

4. Number of Likes and Shares each video receives will be taken into consideration in determining the winner, but will not be the sole factor.

5. In order to receive the prize, the winner must have an active Prime ScratchCards user account.

6. Prime Scratch Cards holds the right to remove any video / comment it finds inappropriate.

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