A Mobile Summer – Scratch Cards Everywhere Unite!

There’s excitement in the air. The air is hot and humid. It must be summer! Who doesn’t love summer? Okay, yes, I do know this one girl I grew up with that really didn’t like summer, but c’mon – this is one girl out of everyone I’ve ever known.

The sole purpose of summer is spending time outside. It makes me feel alive, and happy. After spending all winter cramped in closed spaces wrapped in more layers than I care to admit, the feeling of freedom that wearing just a T-shirt gives you is super cool. You can understand why animals look than humans during the winters – they don’t wear big coats and wool hats and heavy boots!


It’s Summer Time for Smartphones and Tablets Too

So turn off your computers, grab your smartphones and tablets and hit the outdoors!

You can check out the beach if you have one near by, or give a try to the Great Urban-Outdoors. Tons of cafes these days have outdoor seatings, a great opportunity to load up on vitamin D. And of course there are parks. A big perk about parks these days that many of them are completely wi-fied. Kudos to parks for that. The Gs are fine – the 3G and the 4G – but let’s be honest here, we deserve better – don’t we? It’s 2015, literally the future of every past year, so just wi-fi the planet and get it over it. Seriously.


Mobile Slots Are All The Rage This Summer

I did poke some fun at the Gs and maybe I shouldn’t have. You can easily watch vids on your phone, which you totally couldn’t do like five years ago, I mean out in the open without them freezing every five seconds. There were times even, and I’m not sure our younger audience would even believe it, that you needed a coin to make a phone call when you were not home. Those crazzzzy times.


Anyway, Prime Scratch Cards has revamped its mobile site and got it ready for the summer, with a cool-to-the-touch interface and icey design. On it you can find loads of super cool Scratch Cards and Instant Win games. It all works entirely smoothly, providing you with a gaming experience that doesn’t fall from the one you are used to at home. So when you get that itch to scratch something that can win you money, you don’t need anymore to look for that lottery stand; that’s so six years and four months ago. Whether you are at the beach (yes!) or at the park (Wi-Fi to the people!) or even on the train on your way back from work (yes French people, some of us are still working in June!) you can enjoy a Prime experience on a screen in your hands.


The Hot Scratch Card Game of the Summer: ICE

After you’ve had three Ice Mocha Frappuccinos and still need to cool down, grab your mobile screen and give ICE scratch card game a try; if this is your first time here, don’t miss out on the Free Scratch Cards Bonus No Deposit promotion. ICE is the coolest scratch card game, literally. You will be scratching ice from the surface of a frozen lake to reveal your winnings – arguably the best summertime activity.


ICE has a unique interface that is really fun to play, and you winning chances are very awesome. You can bet between 1 to 5 coins, and you have two ice-surfaces to scratch and reveal various sums of money. All you need to do is match three sums of money in one of the surfaces, and you win! The Jackpot is 200,000 coins – that much coins maybe won’t cool you down, but hey, you’ll be able to scream in the middle of the cafe, “Free Ice Mocha Frappuccinos For Everyone!”

Our sister site, Prime Slots, also has a great mobile site. If you haven’t yet, check out how to play slots; slots games are as awesome outdoors as it is indoors, no matter what the screen size is.

All of at Prime ScratchCards wish everyone a terrific summer and may you spend as much time as possible outside!


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