What Makes Prime Scratch Cards Different?

With the immense popularity of Scratch Cards as a global pastime, it is no wonder that online scratch card games are thriving. In the wide selection of video scratch card games, how can you make sure you choose the best the web has to offer?

7th heaven lead

One sure-fire way to determine which games to choose can be if they offer fair play. In Prime ScratchCards, When a scratch card series is first published, you have a 1 in 3 overall chance of winning a prize. This is because once a new series is published, the computerized system creates a known and finite amount of scratch cards, based on a list of prizes. As time goes by, odds can be adjusted according to the game statistics, so a player’s best chance to win is when a game is brand new.

fair play

Another important element of fair play that Prime ScratchCards adheres to is informing players of any series once all big prizes have been won. Many scratch card game operators do not make this information readily available before the player purchases the game.

7th heaven card

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, each scratch card is unique and cannot be duplicated. This also means the player cannot choose one specific card, only the type of scratch card game they wish to play. So even if someone got hold of a specific number of a winning card, there is no way for them to choose it.

Prime ScratchCards values its players and is happy when they become frequent visitors. Each success story is considered a Prime success story, so this is a win-win situation in its truest form.

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