Two New Scratchcard Games, One Holiday Season and Magic is in the Air!

The holiday season is right around the corner. As temperatures drop and spirits rise it is the perfect time of year to think of our loved ones and figure out how to make them even happier than they already are (the answer is ‘gifts’). Markets and festivals are about to kick off all around us, a great opportunity to celebrate this wonderful season and look for presents; don’t forget to pick up something for yourself as well – you deserve it! (In case you are not sure where those festivals and markets are, here is a list for your convenience.) We at Prime Scratchcards have prepared a special treat for this special season – two new Scratchcard games made to keep you warm and sparkly.

Starlight Dazzle – It’s Like Starlight Express, Only Better

The first is the Starlight Dazzle, a scratch card filled with holiday magic. You get – not 4, not 8 – but 12 chances to win up to £100,000! The holiday spirit has made us especially generous with this scratch card, so make sure to take a special advantage of this one.



The scratch game starts as it always does, you decide on your bet, in this case between £1.20 to £120. Then, all you need to do is click the Play button, unleashing a dazzling chance of winning.

You know how it works – you need a streak of three to win. But it gets much better.

This scratch card has two Wilds that increase your chances of winning. The first is the Blue Wild that can substitute any symbol to complete a winning line. Let’s say you have a line of two Bells and a Blue Wild – it’s a win! Two hearts and a Blue wild – another win! The second Wild, the Pink Wild is the one that really embodies the holiday spirit. Think of it as Santa’s Little Helper. Actually, think of it as YOUR little helper. Here is how the Pink Wild works: it flies around the lines and every symbol it hits is transformed to a Blue Wild, adding to your wins! And it doesn’t stop after just one hit, it keeps flying around, hitting more and more symbols, transforming them, one after the other, into Blue Wilds. We saved the best part for last – if the Pink Wild hits a Blue Wild it transforms it to a Pink Wild as well! Now you’ve got two Pink Wilds (or three or more!) zapping around sprinkling magic dazzle. The Starlight Dazzle holds within multiple chances for big wins.


It’s The Wizard, Not of Oz; not all wizards can be from Oz…

The second Scratch card is also in line with the holiday spirit, though delves deeper to the world of wizardry and magic. Say hello the friendliest wizard of all – the Wizard of All.

Wizard Of All


Laid out as a classic scratch card, your first move will be to place your bet. Since we don’t want to mess too much with magical powers beyond our understanding, the bets here are between £0.5 to £10. It might sound little but worry not – these modest bets can pay you back up to £300,000 in wins! It is Christmas only once a year…

Once you placed your bet, click to Play. First scratch the Winning Symbols panels at the bottom of the screen, and then off you go to the 10 panels above – scratch scratch scratch! If you got a match to one of your Winning Symbols, well, you know what it means.

If you get an Owl (Did you know that the owl is a wizard’s best friend?) it will instantly double the prize on display. That’s just how it works between best friends… But what you are really after is the wizard himself; that’s the elderly gentleman with the white hair and beard, round hippie glasses and purple attire. Once he appears from under a panel he will award you with all 10 prizes!

As we said, the holiday spirit is upon us. We feel lucky and generous and we want to spread it around and share it with all our players. May we all have a dazzling holiday season and some magic wouldn’t hurt too!

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