Scratchcards… As Wedding Favors?

We all know how much fun playing the scratchcards can be. Hey, some of us spend all day just thinking how to make them even more fun! Online scratch cards, actual lottery cards – you name it, we like it (and we’re not alone – this pastime just gets more and more popular!).

That’s why we were happy to read how scratchcards are helping out in good causes, such as raising money for St. Michael’s Hospice in England, which provides support for people with life limiting illnesses.

VIP lead

The hospice recently introduced lottery scratchcards, costing £1 and offering the chance of winning up to £1000 in support of the local charity. One of the couples who decided to purchase these scratch cards to give away at their wedding were Ashley and Naomi O’Malley from Hereford, who combined the ceremony with an auction in favor of the hospice.

Nearly £1400 were raised during the wedding, with many guests either donating or submitting promise notes. As a result, many of the prizes won from winning scratchcards were left unclaimed, remaining in the charity.

The hospice’s Lottery Manager was quoted as saying: “Over the last eight years scratch cards, in general, have increased in popularity, therefore we are hoping to meet this demand by providing our players with more outlets”

We don’t know about you, but we love seeing a good scratch card be used for an even better cause. Think about it as you sample our greatest and latest online scratch card games!

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