New Scratchcard Games – Cash Rumble and Wild Win Doubler!

Prime Scratchcards is proud to introduce a brand new scratch card game for your pleasure – Cash Rumble x10! As you can understand from its name, this game introduces multipliers that boost your winnings and turn your prize into a grand slam!

Cash Rumble capture lead


With every card purchased, you have the chance to win a head spinning €200,000. And one of the best things about Cash Rumble x10 is just how easy the rules are. In the game, you must match any 3 prize amounts, positioned anywhere on the card, in order to win the amount displayed. When you do, a storm of confetti falls on your choice, signifying the beginning of the winning festivities.



Of course, the aforementioned multiplier will automatically increase your winnings. You may earn twice your winnings, 5 times or even 10 times your winnings! Just check out the number at the multiplier square. Also, this big win game also gives you more chances to win 10 times your original bet than any other game.


With nine squares hiding the mystery amounts and one multiplier square, Cash Rumble is so easy and intuitive to play! The games high Return to Player rate and the fact that the maximum payout is 10,000 times your ticket price, make this new game one of the most enticing offerings to come out in the scratch card world.


Double Your Winnings with Wild Win Doubler

If you want to take it even further, try another new game – Wild Win Doubler. This game, available for web and now also for mobile devices as well, also gives you 10 chances of winning with every card.


And if that is not enough action for you, you may also land two great bonus symbols that will give you the chance to win even more. To win, there are three ways: matching your winning numbers, positioned in two lines on the bottom of the card, with the winning numbers that appear on the upper right side. A great way to get an instant win is if you reveal the coveted gold star symbol among your numbers. And if you manage to uncover the two gold dollar symbols, your prize is doubled!

Wild Win doubler

So whether you’re playing on your computer or on your mobile device, at home or on the road, you have an increasing chance of winning big with these two new games.


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