Diamonds – the Best Friend in this Scratchcard Game!

We are very pleased to introduce the game “Diamond Duet”, bringing in the sparkliest of gems to our Scratchcard games. “Diamond Duet” is a new scratch card game, available on web and mobile versions, that allows you to experience some of that glitz that proves the appeal of diamonds.

diamond duet main


Playing this scratch card game is a breeze. Simply adjust the amount you want to bet by clicking the “+” and “-” buttons placed on both sides of the “Ticket Cost” field. Choose the amount you wish, either £5 or £10, but remember, the more you place at stake, the higher amount you will stand to win.


Diamond Duet image_BIG_ENG


Click Play to get the action started! You will then notice that on the top line of the screen you have a row of 5 images depicting a diamond sideways. As soon as you click Play to purchase the ticket and start the game, they will be replaced with a row of winning numbers. Below, you will have a list of 25 of your own numbers, each with its own nominal value.

All that is left for you to do is to look if any of your numbers includes the winning numbers. Once they do, you stand to win the amount specified underneath each number appearing in your numbers.


Note that once you get a “$$” symbol in one of your numbers means the automatic doubling of the prize amount. Furthermore, if one of your numbers is replaced by a stack of cash bills, and it appears on the winning numbers, you immediately stand to win the amount specified below the cash icon. Fun! In fact, that there are multiple wins possible in the game, and you can keep track of them all in the “Wins” window, summing up your winnings.


Diamond payout Mobile 004


You can always choose to click the “Scratch All” button instead of just “Play”. This will reveal at once the entire board, showing you any matches that may have taken place.


In the mobile version of “Diamond Duet”, you can either tap “Scratch All” to immediately reveal all of the ticket, or choose to tap your numbers and the winning numbers. Of course, this version is available to you wherever you may go, making any journey a gem-filled event.

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