Advantages Offered in Online Scratch Cards

True scratch card game aficionados, those who like nothing better than to invest some quality time in their favorite online scratch off games, often have their very own strategy to enjoy scratch off tickets. Someone who is not in the know may think the game consists of merely scratching off squares randomly, but others would be happy to point out they have a system, either based on calculations or intuition.


The appeal of playing scratch cards online is obvious – there is little need for previous knowledge of the subject or dexterity. Furthermore, the promise of an instant win is compelling in itself. Here at Prime Scratch Cards, most games offer a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot and the awesome 3WOW! can win you 10 times as much – a jaw dropping £1,000,000!

You win screen 3wow lead

But first, let’s talk about online scratch card games. Similar to their real-life counterparts, you use your mouse to point and click in order for the surface of the card to be “scratched” and reveal what is underneath. Some scratch off the whole card automatically, some would rather scratch off each row separately. Either way, to win, you must have a repetition of symbols appear on your card.


The wisest way to enjoy playing online scratch card and scratch off games is to initially make use of offers and bonuses. Here at Prime Scratch Cards, we offer all new players 20 Free Cards. You’ve read correctly, 20 free opportunities to try and stake out the major prize.

7 heaven win

This can pave the way to some major wins. In fact, some of our biggest winners started out with our 20 Free Cards offer, working their way to the big time bonanza. Be sure to sign up, in order to join the rewards program (each time you click Play, you earn valuable PrimeScratchCard Rewards points) and VIP club, and on holidays and special occasions, be among the first in line for our unique bonuses and giveaways.


These advantages of playing online cannot be surpassed. You can’t enjoy such benefits when playing actual scratch off cards. In addition, playing online scratch card games offers a bigger variety of games, rather than settling for merely one card or one style (if you’re the type that purchases a whole bundle of the same card).


Starting to play online scratch cards with a large balance is always a good start. Which is why taking advantage of the 20 Free Cards bonus is a wise decision. This is even before we have mentioned the 100% match up bonus, that is offered to any new player. Once you make your first deposit, with a minimum of £10, PrimeScratchCard matches your deposit!


We know you would like all the advantages you can get. And because of our fair play policy, which ensures the winning numbers are generated automatically, the main advantages you can get are through the great bonuses and welcome prizes we bestow on you, the player. You should keep in mind that here the big jackpot is always available, even if someone just won a jackpot recently. How do we do that? We reshuffle the winning card into a batch of available cards, giving you the same odds for winning it as anyone else.


To make your scratch card experience as enjoyable as possible, we warmly advise you to take full advantage of the offers and bonuses that are on offer. This will enable you to scratch away to your heart’s content.

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