X&O Noughts and Crosses Game makes the Prime ScratchCards Top 5

X&O is the 3rd Most Popular Game!

It’s the Prime ScratchCards Top 5 and the 3rd favourite game at Prime ScratchCards is an old favourite in more ways than one. X&O is based on a game that’s already thousands of years old! Our exciting high tech 21st century version is a massive hit with players and has paid out some serious cash prizes!


X&O is the exciting and colourful Prime ScratchCards version of an old childhood favourite that most of us knew as Noughts and Crosses or Tic Tac Toe. We’re not really sure where this game originated but we know that the ancient Romans used to pass the time with a similar game, and you can still see grid markings scratched into walls and floors. One theory is that they copied the game from the ancient Egyptians, making Noughts and Crosses at least few thousand years old.



X&O is definitely a 21st century game and players love it! We all played noughts and crosses or tic tac toe as kids and it’s great to find a fun new online version that pays instant cash prizes.  X&O uses the latest Flash technology to give you a very fast and very smooth playing experience. It also packs a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! To play X&O simply click to choose your card price then click to play. Don’t forget that every game has a WIN MULTIPLIER that can deliver a 10X payout!



Like all our games at Prime ScratchCards X&O is a lot of fun to play; it’s fast, colourful and designed for simplicity. But that’s not all; we guarantee that on average 1 in every 3 games is a winner, which means that you can keep on playing as the Instant Cash Prizes keep on coming. It’s a crazy thought that a simple game of noughts and crosses could suddenly make you £100,000 richer – all you have to do is play X&O and trust to your luck!



It’s fantastic that a game that’s been played for thousands of years is the 3rd most popular game at Prime ScratchCards. Our version of Noughts and Crosses is a guaranteed winner. If you want to know what’s the 2nd most popular game on the site check back here this weekend!

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