Roulette – Triple Special!

Play 3 Great Roulette Games at Prime ScratchCards!

We’ve now got 3 amazing casino quality roulette games at Prime ScratchCards – which means 3 great ways to spin the wheel and win the massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

European Roulette - Preview










Regular players at Prime ScratchCards will already have played the exciting new game European Roulette. It’s the latest casino game to hit the lobby and has already paid out some big Cash Prizes – nobody won the £100,000 Prime Jackpot on European Roulette yet; but it’s still early days. There are 2 other fast moving Roulette games for casino connoisseurs (and anybody else who fancies a spin) Roulette Pro and Roulette. Check them out:

Roulett Pro - Play


Roulette Pro is a sophisticated game with some special features that take your gaming experience to the limit. Change the colour of the table or boost your chances with Special Bets or Neighbours Bets. The 6 page Prime Paytable explains all the different winning combinations and prizes. Learn the difference between an Orphelin Plein and a Finale Plein as you watch your Cash Prizes mount up!

Roulette - Play


If you’re an absolute beginner and you’ve never played before, why not get started with Roulette; it’s a classic scratch card that pays out plenty of cash prizes and guarantees non-stop fun. Spin the wheel and match up the lucky numbers – it’s that simple! Roulette is possibly the most glamorous and well known of all the casino games and for good reason. It’s all about luck and random chance, and nothing is more stylish than a Roulette table. When you play these 3 top Roulette games at Prime ScratchCards you’ll really think that you’re in a luxury casino. The superb graphics, the sound of the wheel spinning, and the tension as you wait for the ball to fall into place, make for an unbeatable experience!













Get ready for some great new games over the next month – it’s going to be a long hot summer here at Prime ScratchCards!



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