In at Number 4 – Lucky Charms Scratch Card!

Lucky Charms is our 4th Most Popular Scratch Card

We’re continuing with the Prime ScratchCards Top 5 and Lucky Charms is straight in at Number 4. The cheeky Prime Leprechaun has won the hearts of thousands of lucky players and has shown them the way to non-stop cash prizes!


Lucky Charms is a fun scratch card set in the heart of the Emerald Isle, where the Prime Leprechaun is guarding a £100,000 pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Leprechauns are small fairy like figures in Irish folklore. Usually they appear as little men in green coats and have a reputation for mischief. The story goes that if you can capture a leprechaun he’ll grant you 3 wishes in exchange for his freedom. If you can match 2 winning symbols you’ll be in line for some Irish charm and an Instant Cash Payout with this superb scratch card game at Prime ScratchCards.


We could all use a pot of gold and Lucky Charms might be the game that delivers it. The Prime Leprechaun is a cheeky character but there is definitely a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT underneath the rainbow! Leprechauns are supposed to be tricky creatures who often take delight in mischief and playing practical jokes on the unwary. According to Irish legends Leprechauns are little men in green or red coats who spend their time making shoes and looking for buried treasure. They have connections to fairies and magical powers. Even today some people believe that Leprechauns exist and claim to have seen them in remote places. The story is that they hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Prime Leprechaun is a lot friendlier than some of the little men from the old stories. If you get lucky, he’ll even share his pot of gold with you…

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Lucky Charms is a fun scratch card and we’re not at all surprised that it’s the 4th most popular game here at Prime ScratchCards. Players love the Leprechaun and can’t wait to win his cash prizes. Hidden behind each Shamrock is a lucky symbol – if they match the prize you’re a winner. If the Leprechaun appears, you’re also going to be smiling because he guarantees a cash payout!


We don’t send pots of gold through the mail to our winners, but if you win a Prime Jackpot we’ll definitely transfer it to your account in the currency of your choice. The top prize is a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot and it’s worth remembering that even a 25p scratch card can bring you a £2,500 prize with a single click!

Check back later this week to see our 3rd most popular game at Prime ScratchCards!




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