Heaven or Hell













Play in Heaven or Hell with our exciting new card war game with up to 4 cards per round. The highest card wins and both our Angels and Devils are on hand to tempt you with non-stop Instant Cash Prizes. It’s as hot as Hell is supposed to be when you play for the massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot. Your next click could be worth serious money and the devil knows it!

Heaven might look cooler than the fires of Hell, with comfortable clouds to sit on, sunshine, light breezes and golden haired Angels watching the play. The action is just as hot and a Heavenly Jackpot is just as real! Heaven’s gates are open 24 hours a day – you just need the winning cards. If you get bored with Heaven just click Switch to Hell and you’ll be back in the fire a second later.

Get to know the Heavenly Hosts and Legions of Demons, they’re the ones who’ll pay out the Cash Prizes when you click on the winning cards. The devils might not be pretty but they know where the money is. Heaven and Hell is a really fun game that is fast moving and easy to play; hit Max Pairs and Autoplay to speed the hands right up.













The Devil knows exactly how to win the Prime Jackpot, but he’s not letting on. If you want to relieve him of £100,000 you’ll have to click on the right cards and beat him the old fashioned way!

Look out for even more great new games this month at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got big plans for spring and summer, including some big bonuses, free comps and special promos.










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