Have a Fun Week with our Crazy Cat Scratch Card!

Win £100,000 with the Crazy Cat Scratch Card – only at Prime ScratchCards!

Prime ScratchCards is all about fun, excitement and Instant Cash Prizes. Play the amazing Crazy Cat scratch card game this week for unlimited fun and a chance to win the massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot! The Crazy Cat gang are a bunch of cheeky cartoon cats who hide in the dustbins; match up 3 identical cats to win a Cash Prize.

Win £100,000 with Crazy Cat Scratch Card









Meet the Crazy Cat Cartoon Characters at Prime ScratchCards!

These 4 Crazy Cats are guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you click to see who is hiding in the dustbins!

Play Crazy Cat Scratch Card!We’re looking for a Big Winner at Prime ScratchCards this week, and the Crazy Cat Scratch Card could be the game that pays out the ultimate Prime Jackpot. All you have to do is match up any 3 cats to win up to £100,000. One single click could change your life for ever!

Crazy Cat scratch card pays out another Cash Prize!












Every Day is an Adventure at Prime ScratchCards!

People sometimes complain that Sundays can be boring, but if you’re a Prime ScratchCards fan you’ve no reason to ever get bored. Not only have we got some of the most fun and exciting online games in the world with a great selection of classic scratch cards and fast moving slots games. We’ve also got some of the craziest characters you’ll ever meet anywhere. Join us today and get ready for a fun week. Our cartoon friends from the Crazy Cat Scratch Card won’t just have you in stitches – they could make you rich!

Win up to £100,000 with Crazy Cat Scratch Card!







£100,000 is a truly awesome prize that could change your life. All it takes is a moment of luck and the magic numbers could suddenly appear on your screen! If you’re finding Sunday a bit slow, why not logon to Prime ScratchCards and speed things up with some Prime Fun?  There’s over 150 scratch cards and Instant Win Games and the fun never stops.  You could be the next Big Winner when you get to grips with the crazy characters who make Prime ScratchCards the most fun games site on the internet!

Play Crazy Cat Scratch Card today and check out loads more fun and exciting cartoon scratch cards at Prime ScratchCards!


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