Go777 is the 2nd most Popular Retro Slot at Prime ScratchCards!

Go777 Spins it’s Way to Second Place!

The countdown continues to find the most popular game at Prime ScratchCards! The second most popular game is the amazing triple slot machine game Go777 This fast and thrilling slots sensation was launched at the end of 2011 just in time for the New Year and won an immediate rep as a lucky game!



There’s something about the old style retro slots like Go777 that players really love. The classic winning symbols like BAR, 777, Cherries, Lemons and other fruit are basically unbeatable. There are no bonus rounds, free spins or super heroes in this game – and it’s the second most popular on the whole site. Slots like Go777 give you exactly what you’re looking for when you play them; fast action, simple gaming and loads of cash prizes!



If you want to try to change your luck, you can click on CHANGE MACHINES and you’ll spin straight round to play on 3 new machines. Go777 is a game that never stops and never stands still; the Instant Cash Prizes just keep on coming. You can play this stylish hardcore retro slot for just 25p a spin and go for the massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

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A lot of players have told us that one of the reasons they love Go777 so much is that it really makes them feel like they’re in an old style amusement arcade or top casino when they play. Our game designers got it exactly right with Go777 – the graphics, sound effects and style are perfect and capture the slots experience better than 99.9% of all the other games that we’ve seen. This 3 machine slots game definitely deserves the coveted title of 2nd most popular game!


Coming next week: we’ll announce the Top Game at Prime ScratchCards! You’ve all been waiting to see which is the single most popular game on the site, and we’ll be doing a full feature on the Number 1 winner. You could be in for a surprise……



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