Get Ready for a Great Month

Love is in the Air!

It’s the first weekend of February and we’ve got some great things lined up for you this month, including free slots bonuses and special promotions. It pays to be a player at Prime ScratchCards, so check out everything that’s going on this month and get ready for some fast action.

The biggest event is Valentine’s Day. We can get you in the mood right now with two romantic favourites; Love Birds and Sky of Love. These are two fun games that could make Valentine’s 2013 one that you’ll remember forever:










Sky of Love is a hot 3 reel slot machine game that takes love to a whole new altitude and could fly home with a huge £100,000 Prime Jackpot! The cabin crew know where the cash prizes are and aren’t shy about sharing them out. Our own airline comes with a high flying Prime Paytable that can pay out x10,000 your original bet!

Match the Love Birds

There’s an early spring in the park today and the Love Birds are out. Match up the loving couples and you’ll cash in on the romance with a prize. The lovers come in all shapes and sizes and could be worth some serious money. This is a scratch card with a difference and is really popular at Prime ScratchCards. It’s fun to play and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – especially when you win!

The other big event in February is Pancake Day on the 12th. We don’t have a pancake game yet – though a pancake race is a great idea for a scratch card. We will be bringing you a special deal to mark the day though. Pancake Tuesday isn’t just for kids and there will be some extra goodies on the menu for our players. It’s important not to miss out on all the special surprises that we’ve got lined up for you. Make sure you’re registered with Prime ScratchCards to get all our promotional emails – and make sure that they go to your Inbox! Too many players miss out on free cash, raffles and competitions because they don’t check their email…



















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