Game of the Month – MONOPOLY x3

Pass Go and Win Cash with MONOPOLY X3

Game of the Month is MONOPOLY X3, we’ve had so much good feedback about this game – and so many winners – that it’s getting a special feature!

Almost everybody played Monopoly when they were kids. Monopoly x3 is based on the great family board game where players buy streets and install houses and hotels. You can’t charge other players rent in this fun scratch card version of Monopoly but you can win some serious money. There are 6 lines to scratch and a crazy £100,000 Prime Jackpot as a top prize. Anybody who ever played the original game will feel right at home with the winning symbols on the scratch panels; this game will be a real trip down memory lane for a lot of players!

There’s no ‘Monopoly Money’ in this Game!

You can play Monopoly x3 for as little as 25p a line or if you want a fast game hit Max Lines and aim for the biggest Jackpots – the cash prizes here are real!

Monopoly x3 has got everything that it takes to make a perfect scratch card; a fun theme, plenty of lines to choose from, loads of cash prizes and a fantastic design. Monopoly x3 is really easy and fast to play and anybody can get the hang of it in seconds.

 You can be a Big Winner with Monopoly x3 this weekend. Take a break from the bad weather and get down to some serious scratch card fun. There’s £100,000 at stake so it really does pay to pass Go!

Look out for even more great new games over the coming months; we’ve got some superb surprises in store for you at Prime ScratchCards – it’s going to be a great summer!


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