Cook a Prime Jackpot with Alfredo!










Cook up a Cash Prize with Alfredo!

The weekend is a great time for cooking. You might be thinking about a warming winter soup, or a big dinner or a delicious cake, but why not join Alfredo in his kitchen and cook up a red hot £100,000 Prime Jackpot. Alfredo is the world’s happiest chef, he’s so happy that he serves up thousands of Instant Cash Prizes every hour and gourmet players love to visit his kitchen!


There are 3 ovens to choose from in the Prime kitchen and they all contain some seriously appetizing food. When you click PLAY you’ll see a sumptuous array of dishes pop up in a slots style display. There’s everything from roast dinners to pizza, pies, bowls of soup and chocolate cakes. Match up 3 of a kind and you’ll be eating out with an Instant Cash Prize or even a Prime Jackpot! Alfredo loves it when he cooks up a Cash Prize and you’ll see him dance for joy across the kitchen every time you win.










All the dishes in Alfredo’s kitchen can pay out up to £100,000 but the winning special that makes most players mouths really water is the chocolate cake. Hit a cash prize and you could be dining out for real tonight.
















When you play Alfredo 1 in 3 dishes is a guaranteed winner!



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