Beat the Snow!

Beat the Snow this Weekend

With our Sizzling Hot Games!

We’ve got the perfect antidote to the bad weather that’s sweeping across the country this weekend. Login to Prime ScratchCards and play some of our red hot summer games, set in exotic locations and fun holiday resorts. If you win a Prime Jackpot or Cash Prize your dreams could come true and see you on the next flight to somewhere warm and sunny!










Sea and Sun is our favorite beach online slots game where the beautiful people like to hang out and get some sun and surf. It’s a fun game with a lot of Cash Prizes and the massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! When you play Sea and Sun you’re guaranteed a good time. Look out for the ice cream cone Scatter Card and the crazy Kangaroo Wild Card!

Holiday Hotel

Another hot sunshine game is HOLIDAY HOTEL. It’s summer all year round in the luxury Prime Resort and Holiday Hotel is always open for business. The super fast 20 line 5 reel slots game pays out thousands of Cash Prizes every hour and could be your ticket to the winter break of a lifetime!










Holiday Hotel has all the fun you’d expect to find in a luxury hotel in a top resort; cold drinks by the pool, parties and wild nights. But there’s also a huge £100,000 Prime Jackpot hidden away in the hotel safe and if you spin the reels it could be yours!

Did you know that the very first thing most Prime ScratchCards winners do after they get their money is book a holiday?

Our winners have flown to half the top locations in the world to celebrate their Prime Jackpots. Win this weekend and you could be next!



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