A Look Back at a Great Year


2012 – Our Best Year Ever!

2012 was a great year at Prime ScratchCards, in fact it was our best ever. We really made things happen, with loads of New Games, Prime Jackpot winners and a some great free competitions and promotions. We also passed the 150 game mark; a superb achievement that has brought our players the best online gaming experience that you’ll find anywhere!

Although we’re a scratch card site, we know that players also love online slots and fun games and we launched some exceptional new releases last year. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights:









Become a Slots Superhero!

We went superhero crazy in 2012 with a new range of slots games based on Marvel Comics characters. Spider-Man Revelations is one of the hottest, with three huge Hero Jackpots, random prizes and an exciting bonus round. This is a fast high powered 25 line slots game that quickly found a lot of fans – to say it’s popular is the understatement of the year!

There’s a Monster on the Rampage!











Another big hit in 2012 was King Kong. This monster slots game is based on the classic films about a giant ape who is brought to New York and escapes, going on a wild rampage across the city. The graphics on this slots sensation are some of the best ever and playing the surprise bonus round is as dramatic as watching the big screen versions of King Kong. With 25 lines and huge Prime Jackpots to play for, even the most hard core slots fans will love this game!

 Meet Max!

It wasn’t all just fast action, monsters and superheroes at Prime ScratchCards in 2012. We also launched the cutest character you’ll ever meet: Max. Max is a cheeky cartoon dog who can lead the way to a £100, 000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Max’s paw prints conceal Cash Prizes in the form of matching dice – all you have to do is scratch and win. Max immediately endeared himself to thousands of scratch card fans around the world and we’ve had a lot of requests to feature him in another game; something that we’re looking at for 2013.

We’ll continue looking back at the best moments of 2012 over the coming week. We’ll introduce some of the Big Winners who won Prime Jackpots and feature some of the top prizes that we paid out through the year.

2012 was a fantastic year at Prime ScratchCards and 2013 will be even better!

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