Earn While you Play!

Captain America Says

“Get your Reward Points”

And Claim Cash Back!

New to Prime ScratchCards?

If you’re a new player at Prime ScratchCards.com you might not know about our fantastic reward scheme that lets you earn while you play! Even some of our regular players need a reminder about this great opportunity; so here’s a run down: The reward scheme is 100% automatic. It’s all done for you by our computer, so there’s no need to fill out forms or contact anybody to get started; just play as usual. Every time you wager (not deposit) the total of £10 you’ll get a reward point. The more points you collect the higher you’ll rise in our player ranking. Everybody starts as a Novice:

Every depositing player automatically qualifies!

But Novice status is just the 1st stop on the road to riches. As soon as you have 25 points you’ll be bumped straight up to the next level and will earn points as a Player – and then an Enthusiast – with even better terms.

All the time that you’re playing for massive Prime Jackpots, your wagers will be earning extra money for you in the form of reward points. You can cash them in at any time and not lose your status. As you rise to each new level you get a better and better deal – right up to VIP status.

Join Our Elite Players!

If you think you can’t make it to VIP level; think again! All it takes is a run of luck and you’ll suddenly find yourself playing with large sums of money. That’s when we’ll contact you and offer you the services of a personal account manager and all the exclusive deals that are reserved for high rollers. It’s worth remembering that some of our biggest players started with £5 Free and played their way to the top….

Have you Played Captain America Yet?

Captain America Action Stacks is the latest and greatest slots game at Prime ScratchCards! If you want to earn some reward points start right now with our exciting superhero game. You could be the first Big Winner on Captain America!







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