Win a Prime Jackpot this Sunday!

Win a Prime Jackpot this Sunday!

People sometimes complain that Sundays are boring, but if you’re a Prime ScratchCards player every Sunday can be exciting. All you need to do is login and 1 click will take you to all your favourite games and our exciting world of Instant Cash Prizes and Prime Jackpots.

The latest fun scratch card game is Meet Max, he’s the cutest and cheekiest of all our cartoon characters at Prime ScratchCards. Max loves to see players win and is just waiting for the first lucky winner to hit the top prize of a £100,000 Prime Jackpot! If you like scratch cards you’ll love Meet Max; it’s a really fun game.

After months of miserable weather, it looks like summer’s finally about to arrive. We’ve got a great sizzling hot slots game to get you right in the mood for a heatwave. Summer Slots is a fast and exciting thrill game, and a fantastic way to liven up your Sunday.

You can head down to the beach with a single click. It’s not all sand castles and ice creams and beautiful people though; the Prime ScratchCards beach also comes with Instant Wins, Cash Payouts and some seriously mouthwatering prizes. Watch out for the Scatter and Wild cards that will boost your winnings even faster than the big waves that the surfers are trying to catch.

Treat yourself to a selection of our latest games at Prime ScratchCards this Sunday and you could win a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

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