Start Today with a Smile!


Sometimes the most important thing you can do is simply to smile;

And that’s the theme of the latest Brand New Game at

Prime ScratchCards!

Start Today with a Smile!

Smile is a fun game featuring a whole host of cute smiley faces. They’ve been turned loose on a superb 5 reel, 9 line slots game with a serious PRIME PAYTABLE. Like all our games Smile isn’t shy about paying out Instant Cash Prizes and also comes with a Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Put a £100,000 Smile on your Face Today!

If our crazy smiley characters aren’t enough to put a smile on your face, the thought of a massive PRIME JACKPOT definitely will. Not to mention the fact that whenever you play Smile, 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner!

The Instant Wins just keep on coming with Smile and if you manage to spin a WILD or SCATTER card, you won’t just be smiling – you’ll be jumping for joy!

Life is too often hectic and stressful and it’s easy to forget to Smile; which is a pity because it makes everything easier. Why not start today with a Prime Smile – and get the year off to a good start too – when you play the 1st Brand New Game of 2012 at Prime ScratchCards.

Remember: You can play Smile for just 10p a spin!

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