Spring is in the Air

Next Month Sees the First Day of Spring!

If 2012 wasn’t a leap year, tomorrow would already be the 1st day of March (and the last few weeks of winter). Pretty much everybody will be glad to see the back of winter and will be hoping for some warmer and sunnier weather. The 1st day of spring is officially the 20th of March, but we’re already looking ahead and we’ll give you a few hints about what’s happening at Prime ScratchCards next month.

Just to get you in the mood, we’ve got a great scratch card game called Flowers of Spring. Anybody who loves nature will love this playing this fun game that’s set right in the heart of the countryside. There are 9 flower patches waiting to bloom on the grass, all you have to do is find 3 of the same kind of flowers to win an Instant Cash Prize. Our super cute Squirrel plays the role of Wild Card and can boost your winnings skywards. Every flower has its own special value and 3 of a kind can multiply your original bet anywhere from X1 – X 10,000!

3 Red Poppies could Win you a Massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

There are at least 2 more exciting Brand New Games ready for launch next month and there is also going to be a fantastic competition with a top prize that will involve a special trip to the USA. That’s just a teaser and it’s all we’re going to say about the competition for the time being…you’ll have to keep checking back if you want to be the 1st to enter and win the prize of a lifetime!

There’s also going to be some big parties in March with Saint Patrick’s Day and Saint David’s day – and we’ll definitely be doing something for Mother’s Day because we know how many mums love to take a break and play Prime ScratchCards!

Don’t Forget!

Next time you log into your Facebook account, check the Prime ScratchCards page. We’ve got a great competition running where you invite your friends to vote for you. Whoever gets the most votes each week wins £300!

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