Shopping Sunday

Treat Yourself to a Spot of Shopping!

It might already feel like winter with snow on the ground in some parts of England, but it’s still officially autumn. Treat yourself to our great shopping games and think of it as the autumn sales. Everybody loves spending money, but when you play at Prime ScratchCards you’ve also got a chance to win money. In fact, you could be the next lucky player to smash a massive £100,000 Jackpot!

5th Avenue is not only one of the world’s great shopping experiences, it’s also a fantastic 5 reel slots game with enough lines to pay out cash prizes in every direction. This is as stylish as slots come and there isn’t a better game for a shopoholic to play. If you love your luxuries you’ll be right at home with 5th Avenue. Designer handbags, glasses, hats, perfume and some heavy duty bling can all make you rich!











If 5th Avenue doesn’t satisfy your cravings for the good things in life, you can jump straight over to Chic Boutique. The shelves are stacked with Instant Cash Prizes and some real bargains in the shape of Prime Jackpots. This is another fast and fun 5 reel slots game that just keeps on paying out. Chic Boutique is a cosmopolitan game that captures the experience of a shopping trip around the city’s top department stores.
There are some special surprises in the cash register at Chic Boutique – at least one lucky customer could be leaving the store with a £100,000 Prime Jackpot – enough money to fund the spending spree of a lifetime!

We also love shopping at Prime ScratchCards and we’re working on some special offers for the coming shopping season – by which we mean Black Friday, the last minute Christmas sales and the January sales. Get ready for some seriously good promotions!














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