Quick Play

Brand New Game!

There’s a new and exciting game at Prime ScratchCards that you definitely need to check out!

OK, so we’re launching new games all the time – and they’re always exciting, fun and imaginative – but Quick Play takes you to a whole new level of gaming. The first big difference is that it’s played in real time; across a whole network. The game automatically reloads every sixty seconds, giving you time to bet in advance.

Although there are a lot of betting options, the game is easy to play. Once you get the hang of it you won’t want to stop. Every 60 seconds the machine begins releasing coloured balls – a bit like some of the bingo games. You can bet on 3 different outcomes:

♦What Colours will be drawn

♦What Numbers will be drawn

♦What will be the Sum of the numbers drawn

You can buy tickets for up to 10 games in advance and check your history and statistics using the tabs. As technology improves, the games we’re launching are becoming more and more sophisticated and interactive. One thing that will never change though, is that our games are fast, fun and easy for anybody to play. If you like numbers games we can guarantee that you’ll LOVE Quick Play. It’s got all the makings of a classic game!

Remember: Colours, Numbers, Sum!

The great news is that every 3rd bet is a winner and there are massive Prime Jackpots just waiting to be won!

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