New Game Today!

The Incredible Hulk is on the Loose!

There’s a new Marvel Comics slots game going live on Friday, as the Incredible Hulk bursts onto your screen and rampages through the world of online gaming!

The indestructible green monster has got his very own slots game and is playing for keeps. To celebrate his launch there’ll be a special deal for the guys – 40% Cashback for the next 24 hours. This special offer is only for the men – but don’t worry ladies; there’s another deal just for you. Check your email for details!

Ok, so he’s green, hyper- muscled and extremely angry; but that aside, our Incredible Hulk is a friendly character.

Actually that’s total nonsense – he’s every bit as bad as he looks – but he does come with an amazing 3 Progressive Jackpots and an exciting bonus round!

The bonus round is where the real action starts and the biggest prizes suddenly appear.

Prime ScratchCards is just getting more and more exciting and the games are getting better and better. Our high tech video slots are delivering some serious thrills and amazing cash prizes!

Remember: If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics you can also play our superb Spiderman Revelations game!

Have a Great Weekend!

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