Meet the Monster!

Play King KongĀ 

The Amazing New Slots Game!










There’s a monster on the loose at Prime ScratchCards, if you’re brave enough to face him you could win a huge Prime Jackpot!

King Kong is the star of our exciting new 5 reel 25 line slots game – and he’s mad. Check out the action right now and see how you can access the exciting Free Slots Bonus Round that could boost your winnings all the way to the sky.











King Kong was captured by a film crew on Skull Island, they brought the massive ape to New York to put him on display. Kong escaped and scaled the Empire State Building, angrily defying the fighter planes that were sent to attack him. The original King Kong movie was released in 1933 and remade in 1976 and 2005. Now he’s exploding onto your screen as the star of this year’s hottest slots game. You’d better be ready!

This is a seriously action packed game with some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen on a slots game. It’s sophisticated and full of surprises, but is also really easy to get the hang of. King Kong is fast moving and a lot of fun; and the cash prizes just keep on coming. Because it’s a brand new game we haven’t had any big winners yet, which means that you could be the 1st. Something tells us that this slot will be really popular!

Hit Left or Right as the planes attack!

Don’t forget the thrilling Bonus Round where you have to smash the biplanes out of the sky to boost your winnings. This is where the game really takes off!

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